Sustainable Food and Agriculture

The quest for sustainable models of production has been pursued for many decades in the different sectors covered by FAO. FAO has led the development of a new set of cross-sectoral Global Knowledge Products, a range of tools designed to provide global solutions in sustainable agriculture through interdisciplinary participation within FAO. They provide support to the priority areas which guide the efforts to make agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and more sustainable. They include:

Support tool for agroecology decision-making

This tool will consolidate information on the impact of agroecological approaches in order to facilitate informed decision making. It will provide a guidance framework in reviewing policy options for agroecology and thus assist policy makers in assessing the multi-dimensional impacts of agroecological production systems.

Biodiversity Mainstreaming Platform

It facilitates the adoption of good practices and polices across all agricultural sectors that support biodiversity conservation, resilience of production systems in an integrated landscape/seascape approach and reducing pressure on natural habitats and species.

Global Farmer Field Schools Platform

It provides tools to improve FFS quality, and where appropriate, support further inclusion of the FFS approach towards sustainable and resilient agriculture. It aims to collect, develop and analyze information that is relevant for the global community.

Integrated Management and Restoration of Landscapes and Seascapes

This platform develops a cross-sectoral approach to integrating existing knowledge products and ongoing technical work related to management of landscapes and seascapes, territorial development and the restoration of degraded ecosystems. It aims to provide a user-friendly database of resources related to integrated management of landscapes, freshwater and seascapes.

Nationally Determined Contributions implementation support

It facilitates information sharing dedicated to NDC implementation in the agricultural sector. The overall goal is to support member countries in their efforts to implement NDCs and achieve SDGs by enhancing their climate change capacity in the agriculture sector implement climate smart policies and projects.

Progress toward Sustainable Agriculture Report

It will provide information on trends at country, regional and global levels. It will also offer an analytical approach on the main drivers affecting sustainable agriculture. It will include case studies from different regions to present the state of sustainable agriculture across the globe. It is envisaged to assist countries in improving the monitoring, planning and implementation of practices, approaches, policies and governance mechanisms towards more sustainable agriculture.

Water in Agriculture and Food Systems

This platform provides tools and approaches for the better management of water in agriculture and food systems. It offers opportunities for a more integrated approach to water management through enhanced water productivity, sustainable fisheries, national infrastructure development and alternative water sources.

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