Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization

The Farm Mechanization and Training Centre (FMTC) provides trainings for farmers in Sri Lanka


The Farm Mechanization and Training Centre (FMTC) is the only national level training institute for farm machinery in Sri Lanka. The institute provides a wide range of trainings on agricultural mechanization. These trainings help provide skillful farming communities with appropriate mechanization for agricultural sustainable development.

FMTC together with the project support the promotion of upland protocols. As well as promoting efficient practices such as the parachute method, trans-planting and direct line seeding methods. All good farming practices including, fertilizer and water saving techniques are also being implemented in the field. On 8 December, trainings for government extension officers to become trainers also started. 

This was all made possible through the collaboration between the government of Sri Lanka and FAO projects supported by Germany. 

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