Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization

Elearning courses: Small-scale agricultural mechanization hire services as a business enterprise


A new series of e-learning courses on Small-scale agricultural mechanization hire services as a business enterprise has recently been launched through the FAO elearning Academy, as a result of a joint collaboration involving the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and FAO, both the Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP) and the Partnerships and United Nations Collaboration Division (PSU).

The courses consist of five inter-related courses designed for a range of stakeholders with an interest in agricultural mechanization and the basics of running a hire service business. More specifically, the courses are targeted towards:

  • Smallholder farmers, farmers cooperatives and rural youth interested in becoming mechanization hire service entrepreneurs.
  • Existing or new mechanization hire service providers along the food value chain.
  • Mechanization and agri-business specialists.
  • Staff from organizations, or farm machinery manufacturers and suppliers providing training in mechanization hire service provision. 

The courses can be taken independently and have total duration of 6.5 hours. Learners can access them free of charge in English and French and get a digital badge that certifies the new competencies acquired.

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Elearning courses

         1 hour of learning


         20 minutes of learning


         1 hour 25 minutes of learning


         2 hours of learning


         1 hour of learning


Certification through the Digital Badges System 

The FAO elearning Academy offers digital badge certifications to certify the acquisition of competencies, progress talents within organizations and increase employment opportunities. Certification is granted by FAO after passing the final scenario-based performance evaluation.

Badges are an official recognition of competencies acquired and are part of the professional profile of learners, who can then incorporate them in their LinkedIn, e-portfolio, curriculum on the web, for employment purposes, education or lifelong learning.