Mécanisation agricole durable

A Regional Strategy for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization. Sustainable Mechanization across Agri-Food Chains in Asia and the Pacific region

Draught animals have played a key role over many centuries in providing farm power for agricultural operations. Since the 1990s, the use of draught animals has declined appreciably in Asia and the Pacific region. In India, the number of draught animals in use is projected to decline from over 85 million in 1975 to 18 million by 2030. Similarly, it is projected that in China draught animals will be completely replaced by a combination of 2-wheel and 4-wheel tractors by 2025. This is indeed a great achievement. However, beginning in the late 1990s, the environmental impact of mechanization – especially that of tillage implements and practices – has become an issue of major concern. This book outlines an agricultural mechanization strategy that contributes to agricultural sustainability and is environmentally sound, while generating economic development and inclusive growth.

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Regional Strategy, Sustainable, Mechanization, Agri-Food Chains, Asia, Pacific region