Цели в области устойчивого развития

Zooming in on Zero hunger


This photo gallery pictures social protection and pro-poor development investments that can sustainably end extreme poverty and hunger by 2030

Beyond quinoa, 10 more super crops


Two years ago, a little-known traditional crop became a household name. The UN Year of Quinoa saw the Andean supergrain win global recognition for its resilience and nutritional properties, leading to increased demand and widespread planting beyond the mountains of South America. With biodiversity, nutrition, resilience, climate and sustainable agriculture dominating development discussions, the scene could be set for a new batch of cereals, legumes and grains to emerge. We shine the light on 10 more crops following quinoa’s path.

A rural focus promises rich rewards


Policies directed towards five agents of change – family farmers, rural women, investors in infrastructure, vulnerable people and policymakers –have the potential to produce dramatic and lasting effects on the economies of developing countries, transforming people into investors and stewards of the environment. This photo gallery pictures how investment in rural livelihoods could reap rich rewards in sustainable development. 

Food and the planet


Food security, nutrition, sustainable agriculture and use of natural resources are striking among the world’s emerging priorities. With pictures plucked from the Organization’s archives, this photo gallery presents a snapshot of 14 interlinked themes FAO considers critical to ending hunger, achieving food security and ushering in an era of sustainable development.

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