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Forest Soils of the Cape Provinces, South Africa

Author(s) Krzic M., Du Toit, B., Walji, K., Dyanatakar, S., Sider, M., Crowley, C.
Year of publication 2020
This project focused on development of a team-based learning (TBL) case study with supporting multimedia material, to enhance teaching and learning experience on the effects of forestry management treatments on soil properties in a Pinus radiata plantation in the Southern Cape forest region of South Africa. Data for this case study were obtained from a long-term experiment on the Harkerville Plateau, which was established to evaluate whether the application of mechanical and chemical soil treatments could improve soil properties for planting Pinus radiata and result in improved rates of growth (Zwolinski et al., 2002). The case contains enhanced media and coverage of a range of topics including; common soil types of South Africa,soil treatment descriptions, plantation forest management, bio-geochemical cycling of the forest floor, the role of fire in landscape dynamics, pioneer species establishment and species of the Afrotemperate Forest.
Type of Case
The University of British Columbia
Temperate, Tropical
Forest Type
Planted forest
Primary Designated Function
Protection of soil and water