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The Research, Integration and Utilization (RIU) model as an analytical framework for the professionalization of departmental research organizations: case studies of publicly funded forest research institutes in Serbia and Croatia

Author(s) Stevanov, M., Böcher, M., Krott, M., Krajter, S., Vuletic, D. & Orlovic, S.
Year of publication 2013
Policy-makers articulate a growing need for science-based policy advice that supports their decisions, especially in fields that are dependent on scientific knowledge like natural resources or forestry. Publicly funded organizations, such as departmental research institutes, have been established in many countries to provide science-based policy advice. To assess the activities of two public research institutes, namely, Serbia's Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment (ILFE) and the Croatian Forest Research Institute (CFI), we use the new theory-based analytical model of departmental research developed by Böcher and Krott (2010). This model describes scientific policy advice as the connection between Research (R), Integration (I), and Utilization (U) — the RIU-model.
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Printed publication (book, sourcebook, journal article…)
Forest Policy and Economics, 37: 20–28
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All forest types (natural and planted)
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