Gestion Durable des Forêts (GDF) Boîte à outils

Management of Non-Wood Forest Products

The Management of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) Module is aimed at all actors – such as local communities, the private sector, governments, traders and consumers – involved in the management, use and marketing of NWFPs. The module provides basic and more detailed information on the process of NWFP management, including planning, harvesting, marketing and trade.

The module also provides links to tools for NWFP management and case studies of effective management.

This module was developed with the kind collaboration of the following people and/or institutions:

Initiator(s): Christopher Muencke

Contributor(s): Paul Vantomme, Simmone Rose, Cesar Sabogal - FAO, Forestry Department

Reviewer(s): CATIE; CIFOR

This module was revised in 2018 to strengthen gender considerations.

Initiator(s): Gender Team in Forestry

Reviewer(s): Giulia Muir - FAO, Forestry Department