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Water reuse in the Arab world, from principle to practice: voices from the field

Year of publication 2011
This report thus summarizes principal messages and priorities on water reuse as communicated by Arab water experts in papers and presentations prepared for the Consultation and provides an overview of the current status and future potential of water reuse across the Arab region, as described by local experts and institutions. Far from being an exhaustive treaty of the complex subject of water reuse, this short report was compiled in an effort to distill, summarize and convey the Arab experience with water reuse to date, as described by local practitioners. The report is thus structured around the following six common topics: Current status of water in the Arab world; Basic economic considerations of water reuse; Infrastructure investments to enable sustainable reuse; Benefits of reuse in agriculture; Sustainable cost recovery models and Elements of a successful national water reuse strategy.
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Guidelines, manual, kits for trainers
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Forest Management Unit
Africa, Asia Pacific
Arid lands
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Planted forest
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