The FAO/Italy project GCP/EGY/024/ITA has been launched in Egypt to fight poverty and malnutrition (June 2012)

GCP/EGY/024/ITA project

FAO announced in the recent days the launch of a new project on food and nutrition security in favor of women and young Egyptians. The project is funded by the Italian Government.

The rate of youth and female unemployment in Egypt is estimated at about 25 percent, much higher than the national average of 10 percent. At the same time, public health surveys have shown that malnutrition in Egypt is the root cause of about one third of the diseases that affect children under five years of age. The project aims to better food security and nutrition through increased food production, nutrition education to women and youth and strengthening the capacity of national institutions and decentralized.

The project will launch the Schools of Agriculture and Life Camp for Young Model and community gardens that will offer youth and women the opportunity to manage their own micro-enterprise in food production. They will learn to grow food and raise small animals and can thus improve the income of their families by selling surplus food. Further training on the production of organic fertilizers will also allow families to avoid buying expensive fertilizers.

The training will include topics such as: processing and storage of foods, the management of the family budget, and the recording of expenses; microcredit and savings opportunities, improved techniques and practices in the preparation of food consumption, food safety and hygiene.

This news has been published in an Italian national newspaper La Repubblica and also in FAO Media Centre, as a success story.

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