The GTFS/INT/907/ITA has been selected as one of FAO Success Stories (May 2012)

GTF/INT/907/ITA project

The FAO/Italy GTFS/INT/907/ITA project - Controlling Transboundary Animal Diseases in Central Asian Countries -has been selected by FAO as one its 12 success stories to be presented to FAO Council in mid-June.

The project story is part of IMPACT folder which illustrates FAO’s impact and successes at country level has been completed. This publication has been realized with the TCSR collaboration.

The project implemented in five Central Asian countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) enables national veterinary services to gain a better understanding of diseases' prevalence and impact in their countries, and also, to plan and implement appropriate control measures.

The effective success of this project is that all the participating countries have been recognized officially free from rinderpest through the project support.

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