FAO Regional Integrated Pest Management Project in the Near East

Within the framework of the FAO Regional Integrated Pest Management Project in the Near East - GTFS/REM/070/ITA - funded through the Italian Contribution to FAO Trust Fund for Food Security and Safety, a number of publications have been recently released.

  • History of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) / Farmer Fields School (FFS) in Iran. This paper briefly describes the pilot projects which were instrumental in this approach that gained momentum to become a mainstream research, extension, and plant protection strategy in the Iran. These pilot projects, supported by national and international institutions, provided the basis for introducing the science, policy, and human resource capital for development of IPM/FFS in Iran. Notably, two projects, one implemented under the auspices of the FAO Regional IPM Programme and the other supported by GEF/SGP, widened the horizons for IPM/FFS in the country. In particular, the FAO Programme created a national capacity in IPM/FFS as an efficient approach for sustainable agriculture. The paper heavily draws from the experience of the authors working directly with many of the international and national projects and institutions involved in promoting IPM/FSS in the country.
  • Moreover, the GTFS/REM/070/ITA project has also published a new book of success stories from farmers' real experience on IPM/FFS, named: Voices of Farmers.
  • More recently, a booklet containing “farmer success stories” from the GTFS/REM/070/ITA project in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria has been published and distributed.

These volumes with many other latest oublications can be downloaded also from the GTFS/REM/070/ITA Website, at the following link:


FAO IPM/FFS Approach in Iran
FAO IPM/FFS Approach in Iran
History of IPM in Iran
History of IPM in Iran
Voices of farmers
Voices of Farmers