The Italian funded project in the Caribbean - GTFS/RLA/141/ITA - "Promoting CARICOM/CARIFORUM Food Security", has organized a Round Table Meeting, held in August 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago, to discuss about the rusults achieved and future outlook.

The project, started with a First Phase in 2003 and then extended during its Second Phase till 2011, was improving food security in 15 Caribbean countries members of CARICOM and the Dominican Republic, by increasing the availability and access to adequate quantities of safe, quality assured food products for poor rural communities across the region.

The strategy was supporting the capacity of CARICOM/CARIFORUM at a regional level and the establishment of effective value and quality of agricultural production, enhancing the trading of fresh and processed products, developing enterprises and promoting investments.

It has been an excellent prove of validity of the Commercialization of Agriculture for selected agrochains and a good initiative for local communities.

The findings of the Round Table cand be found in the Power Point Presentation attached hereby; other information are described in details in the project Website: