SAVE FOOD initiative involves FAO/Italy projects

GTFS/GAM/025/ITA project

FAO and key partners are calling on companies and organizations worldwide to join in the SAVE FOOD initiative, a global effort designed to cut down on food losses and waste.

Established in 2011, SAVE FOOD, the Global Initiative on Food Losses and Waste Reduction, aims to reduce the estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food that is lost or wasted every year.

Although food losses occur at all stages of the food supply chain, the causes and their impact around the world differ.

In developing countries, food losses hit small farmers the hardest. Almost 65 percent of those losses happen at the production, post harvest, and processing stages. For example, an on-going project in The Gambia adopting the One-Village-One-Product approach is helping farmers to reduce their losses significantly.

The FAO/Italy project GTFS/GAM/025/ITA - Support to farmers associations for food security and marketing improvements (FSCA) - aims to increase agricultural productivity, marketed output and incomes of project beneficiary Farmers-based Organizations (FBOs) and small-scale agro-processors on a sustainable basis, resulting in improved livelihoods and food security.

In the framework of the regional strategy Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture (FSCA), applied in West Africa, the GTFS/GAM/025/ITA focuses on One Village One Product Concept (OVOP), a community-centred approach based on local knowledge while improving quality and marketing.

The example of the GTFS/GAM/025/ITA in The Gambia has been publshed in FAO Media Centre.

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