GCP/EGY/024/ITA - Improving Household Food and Nutrition Security in Egypt by Targeting Women and the Youth

Region Near East & Mediterranean
Subregion Mediterranean
Country/Territory Egypt
Objective Assist the Ministry of Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MoALR) and related institutions in improving the nutritional status of vulnerable communities, particularly infants and children, in disadvantaged rural districts in Upper Egypt.
Activities and Outcomes Create a food-secure environment in which women and the youth have access to sufficient and diversified food of both animal and vegetable sources and have the necessary knowledge and skills in the use of food to consume nutritionally adequate diets. The methodology of the proposed project will be underpinned by community participation using a participatory approach that involves intensive networking and coordination with all relevant stakeholders including targeted families. The Project’s framework places emphasis on capacity building, food related income-generating activities and on information, education and communication. Advocacy campaigns to disseminate health and nutrition messages are central to achieving all the results.
Donor Italian Government
Implementing agency FAO
Duration 2012 - 2016
Budget USD 3,001,167
Project status Active

Involved Instituions


Fatima Hachem:

FAO Lead Technical Unit Officer

[email protected]