GTFS/GAM/025/ITA - Support to farmers associations for food security and marketing improvements (FSCA)

Region Africa
Subregion West Africa
Country/Territory Gambia
Objective Increase agricultural productivity, marketed output and incomes of project beneficiary Farmers-based Organizations (FBOs) and small-scale agro-processors on a sustainable basis, resulting in improved livelihoods and food security.
Activities and Outcomes The project aims at providing support to: 1) Farmer-based Organizations (FBOs) and farmer support services equipped with relevant capacity building skills; 2) Creation of value added to production and marketing activities by leading farmers and agroprocessors in market-oriented production, value chain approach, business development, management and linkages. The expected outcomes are achieved through an efficient end effective project coordination and Monitoring&Evaluating mechanism, integrated in district structures, within the framework of an improved regional cooperation. The project has been supporting and strengthening approximately forty farmers' groups in the two regions of North Bank and Central River.
Donor Government of Italy
Duration 2009 - 2012
Budget USD 1,979,272
Project status Active
Component Food Security and Food Safety
Project website http://www.fsca-pisa.org
Link to PDF  1_GAM.025 FinalGM.pdf


Giuliano Soncini:

FAO Inter Country Project Coordinator

[email protected]


Madhy Bamba:

FAO Lead Technical Unit Officer

[email protected]