Technical Cooperation Programme
©FAO/ Veejay Villafranca

2019 TCP Report – The first ever report on TCP results

The TCP Report issued in November 2019 provides a comprehensive review of TCP projects that completed implementation in 2018. The report is a first attempt to capture the achievements of the TCP in an aggregated and systematic manner. It presents the achievements and catalytic role of TCP-funded projects and provides information on the characteristics, typical interventions and results of the Programme.

Key Findings

technical products delivered
thousand beneficiaries
million USD mobilized
projects completed in a year

The report covers 304 TCP projects for a total value of USD 78.3 million. These projects directly benefited more than 400 000 people and their communities, delivered more than 7 900 technical products and, according to the latest information available, mobilized USD 244 million of additional resources, of which USD 99.2 million are being implemented through FAO. For the set of projects covered by the report, we have not only fully “recovered” the invested TCP resources, but also more than triplicated the investment. 

The catalytical role of TCP is not limited to resource mobilization. Other catalytical effects include;

  • improvements in farming systems that lead to their wider diffusion and adoption by farmers and the private sector;
  • improved and strengthened institutional capacities;
  • timeliness in bridging a critical gap (e.g. emergency response, mitigation, preparedness projects);
  • policy, legal and regulatory changes that facilitate the development of the agricultural sector; and
  • improved forms of collaboration at the regional and international levels.

Highlights from the Five Regions

Preparatory assistance for the general census of agriculture in Tunisia

USD 9.8 million mobilized to conduct a general census of agriculture and a forest inventory in Tunisia...

Integrating urban and peri-urban agriculture to the sustainable development in Bolivia

As a child, Juan Salamanca Velásquez accompanied his father from the department of Oruro to Cochabamba to exchange chuño (freeze-dried potato) for corn...

Support to Strengthening the Food Safety System in Moldova

The project supported the design of a rapid alert system and the creation of multiagency control groups in Moldova with a roadmap for dealing with emergencies...

More than USD 40 million mobilized for FMD control in Pakistan

The project aimed to develop a national FMD control program and control FMD outbreaks, improve the livelihood of livestock farmers, curtail the losses caused by the disease and improve overall productivity of livestock...

Assuring survival of vulnerable pastoral and agropastoral households in Kenya after severe drought

The TCP project provided bales of hay, bags of 50 kg range cubes and collapsible water tanks with a capacity of 10 000 litres each, allowing nomadic communities to carry them with them...