Governance of Tenure

Land governance in Colombia's protected areas

The Government of Colombia seeks to increase responsible governance in national protected areas and their areas of influence with the support of the European Union Land Governance Programme (EULGP)*, using the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT).  Doing so will reduce conflicts related to land tenure and land-use, and promote the understanding and use of the VGGT among local communities. 

Numerous videos were produced by FAO Colombia within the framework of the EULGP.

These videos highlight concrete and compelling examples of VGGT implementation in the context of the protected areas, with an open and participatory approach including local and indigenous communities, institutions of land administration, CSOs, national park rangers and other technical and financial partners.

Strengthening of governance in protected areas in Colombia (Spanish with English subtitles) | 2018
Fortalecimento de la gobernanza en áreas protegidas en Colombia (con subtitulos en inglés) | 2018


Responsible governance of land, fisheries and forests in protected areas in Colombia (Spanish with English subtitles) | 2019
Gobernanza Responsable de la tierra, la pesca y los bosques en áreas protegidas en Colombia (con subtitulos en inglés) | 2019


Building trust: a proposal to address socio-environmental conflicts in the Cocuy National Park (Spanish with English subtitles) | 2019
Generación de confianza: propuesta para abordar conflictos socioambientales en Parque Nacional Cocuy (con subtitulos en inglés) |2019


A series of videos was published by WWF Colombia on conservation leaders, project partners and members of local dialogue tables (Spanish without subtitles):

·      Octavio Eraso | PNN El Cocuy

·      Eduviges y José Domingo | PNN El Cocuy

·      Antonio Andrade | PNN Nevado del Huila

·      Amalfi Ninco | PNN Nevado del Huila

·      Arturo Zuleta | PNN La Paya

·      Harley Morales | PNN La Paya


*EULGP stands for European Union Land Governance Programme which funds 18 individual country-level projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, all of which address tenure issues, and are implemented alongside various partners, among which are government agencies, civil society organizations, bilateral and multilateral organizations and private contractors. All project activities are carried out within the framework of the VGGT and, in the African context, the African Union Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa (AU Declaration) and its Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa (F&G).

For more details on the EULGP implementation in Colombia please see the country leaflet:

For more information on the other EULGP country implementation projects please see: