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Italy (Security Level 2). The security situation in Italy is stable.

The overall risk to UN Staff and UN Missions operating in Italy is assessed as LOW with respect to terrorist activity, fire damage, nuclear disaster and wind/storm damage. The risk level for all other categorized risks has been established as NEGLIGIBLE (the risk of Natural disaster is estimated as MEDIUM).

Security clearance or notification is required for all official travel. You should notify the Designated Official of your arrival to ensure that you are included in local security arrangements. This country uses TRIP at https://dss.un.org. Security Clearance should be submitted 7 days prior to travel. Technical assistance for TRIP is available at [email protected] or +1 917 367-9438

Travel Advisory:


The state of emergency declared by Italian authorities in relation to COVID-19 has been extended to 15 October 2020. 

Travel between regions and within the EU remains permitted, although restrictions apply when entering Italy from certain countries (testing required from Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain; quarantine required from Bulgaria and Romania). From 1 July 2020, restrictions on non-essential travel to and from non-EU countries have been gradually eased; however, depending on the epidemiological situation, travel bans as well as mandatory testing for COVID-19 are constantly being updated-for updated information please check http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/

Gatherings, meetings, religious activities, economic, productive and social activities are permitted if they comply with national guidelines and protocols suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion.  

Schools and educational institutions of all grades and levels are expected to resume as per their respective calendars.

Masks were already required in enclosed spaces and in shops, but as of 17 August, masks must be worn between the hours of 18:00 and 6:00 in any area open to the public - even outdoors.

Please contact your respective Security Focal Point for more details on precautionary measures in place at your UN Agency, Fund, or Programme. If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, please immediately contact your respective UN Medical Service in Italy.

Security Clearance Procedure: This country uses TRIP at https://dss.un.org. Security Clearance should be submitted 7 days prior to travel. UN Personnel are requested to submit DSSWEB https://dss.un.org/dssweb/ questions through https://dss.un.org/dssweb/contactus.aspx contact us page.

For details on the pandemic check TRIP and follow DHMOSH Link

Security Area : Security Level Area:

Italy -(Italy) Italy (Italy) Low -2

Emergency Number

112 is your life-saving number!

112 is the European emergency phone number, available everywhere in the EU, free of charge.



Useful Numbers

114 to report child safeguarding issues

1522 support for victims of gender-based violence and stalking

800 86 00 22 for Samaritans emotional distress helpline

 Regional and National COVID-19 Information Hotline from the Ministry of Health.




Safety and Security Situation

Italy has a low rate of crime. Although violent crime is not unheard of, it is relatively uncommon. The security situation in Italy is in line with other European Countries, and there are no specific threats against the UN in Italy. Visitors are urged to exercise precautions practiced in any large city and pay particular attention to personal belongings.