UN Security Management Italy

Out and about

• DO NOT discuss UN security matters with anyone outside of our immediate community.

• DO always carry some form of identification – you are required to be able

to show ID by law

• DO take public transportation, which is considered safe and efficient, and

the maintenance and condition of the country road network is good. DO

use white taxis from the main taxi hire companies.

• DO validate any train, bus, or metro ticket prior to boarding. Violations are

subject to heavy fines.

• DO take care on public transport and in crowded areas in city centers,

particularly in and around Termini station in Rome, where incidents of

street muggings have been reported, and at other main stations.

• Public gatherings, even if authorized, should be avoided and DO monitor

disruptions in traffic and public transportation.

• DO always lock your vehicle, DO NOT ever leave valuables in cars and

avoid leaving luggage in cars for any length of time. Be aware that thieves

may use a variety of methods to distract you or encourage you to stop

your car.