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Committee on Commodity Problems

Intergovernmental Group on Bananas and Tropical Fruits

Third Session

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, 22 - 26 March 2004

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CCP: BA/TF 03/Inf.1 Information Note on Arrangements ad636e
CCP: BA/TF 03/1 Provisional Agenda and Agenda Notes j0652e
CCP: BA/TF 03/3 Banana Projections to 2010 j0344e
CCP: BA/TF 03/4 Collection of Statistical Data on Bananas j0716e
CCP: BA/TF 03/5 Organic and Fair Trade Bananas and Environmental and Social Certification in the Banana Sector j0219e
CCP: BA/TF 03/6 Review of Developments in Banana Trade Policy j0473e
CCP: BA/TF 03/7 Common Fund Activities Related to Bananas j0218e
CCP: BA/TF 03/9 Current Market Situation for Tropical Fruits j0773e
CCP: BA/TF 03/10 Medium-Term Projections for World Supply and Demand to 2010 for Tropical Fruits j0603e
CCP: BA/TF 03/13 Recent Developments in the Market for Tropical Fruits in China j0772e
CCP: BA/TF 03/14 Recent International Trade Policy Review for Tropical Fruits and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures j0749e
CCP: BA/TF 03/15 Tropical Fruits - Their Nutrient Values, Biodiversity and Contribution to Health and Nutrition j0715e
CCP: BA/TF 03/17 Statistical Data Collection for Tropical Fruits j0608e
CCP: BA/TF 03/18 Value Chain Analysis for Bananas and Tropical Fruits j0771e
CCP: BA/TF 03/19 Future Working of the Intergovernmental Group on Bananas and on Tropical Fruits j0668e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.2 Strategy for Improvement and Development of Bananas for the Common Fund for Commodities j0790e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.3 Évolutions récentes et spécificités du marché bananier de la communauté européenne (ce) - French only j0793f
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.5 Tropical Fruits Statistics ad626e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.6 Sample of the Tropical Fruits Questionnaire j0804t
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.7 Technical Notes Nutrient Content Tables Scientific Explanation of Nutrient Values Notes on An Internationally Standardized Food Composition Table for Tropical Fruits
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.8 The World Pineapple Market: When Growth Goes Hand In Hand With Diversity
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.9 The State of the Global Mango Economy ad628e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.10 Adding Value to Bananas A Proposal for a Technical Evaluation and Workshop on the Uses and Marketing of Banana-Based Products
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.11 Market for Tropical Fruits in China ad629e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.12 An Overview on the Success of the Generic UK Banana Promotional Campaign
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.13 Issues Concerning Public Awareness and Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Bananas and Tropical Fruits j0803e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.14 Responses to the Statistical Questionnaire on Bananas ad630e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.15 Promotion of Banana Exports from Sudan and Ethiopia to the Middle East and Europe A Proposal for Financial Support Presented to the Common Fund for Commodities ad631e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.16 Common Fund Activities Related to Tropical Fruits ad632e
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.17 FAO-TFNET-IFOAM Project To Generate Producers' Technical Guidelines on Organic Production of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruit Crops
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.18 Stratégies de développement de la production bananière par l'introduction et la distribution des meilleures variétés en République Démocratique du Congo À soumettre pour financement au fonds commun pour les produits de base - French only
CCP: BA/TF 03/CRS.19 Development of EC Banana Trade Policy ad635e
CCP 05/4
(CCP: BA/TF 03/20)
Report of the Third Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Bananas and Tropical Fruits
(Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, 22-26 March 2004)
Previous sessions: BA-TF 2001BA-TF 1999TF 1998

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