Fifteenth Session

Rome, 25-29 January 1999, Red Room


Item 4 of the Provisional Agenda

Explanatory Note

1. Item 4 on the Agenda addresses the FAO Strategic Framework 2000-2015. The relevant document is CL 115/12 which is Version 1.0 of the document. As can be seen from Annex I of this document, the Strategic Framework is expected to go through four versions between now and its eventual approval by the Conference in November 1999.

2. Version 1.0 was considered by the Programme and Finance Committees at their meetings in September 1998 and will be considered by the Council in November 1998. The input from these bodies is expected to lead to a revision of the document (i.e. Version 2.0) for consideration by the Technical Committees of the Council. However, there is some uncertainty about the date by which Version 2.0 can be made available and even as to the form of this second version.

3. As Version 2.0 is unlikely to be available before the end of December it is recommended that Members take advantage of the lead time available with Version 1.0 to carry out the necessary internal consultations, thus facilitating the rapid consideration of Version 2.0 when it becomes available.