Fifteenth Session

Rome, 25-29 January 1999, Red Room


Item 4 of the Provisional Agenda

Explanatory Note

This attached document is Version 2.0 of the FAO Strategic Framework 2000-2015. To facilitate comparison of Version 2.0 to Version 1.0, the following major changes may be noted:

1. Background analysis, major trends and global perspectives for food security, and the rationale for the proposals has been transferred from the body of the text to an annex (Annex II).

2. Part I has been retitled "Overall Strategic Framework," and has added to it the statements of values, mission and vision which were presented to the Council.

3. The proposals contained in Parts II and III of Version1.0 have now been combined into a single Part II.

4. Within Part II, the formulation of the statements of objectives has been simplified, additional detail on elements of the strategies has been included, and a sixth strategy to address cross-organizational issues has been added.

5. Annex II contains, in addition to the material removed from the body of the document, supplementary information from the Secretariat's analysis, including on comparative advantage and criteria for priority-setting.

6. Annex III is a new annex containing an abbreviated listing of external partnerships.