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Committee on Agriculture

21st Session
Rome,22 - 25 April 2009

Additional Information

Provisional List of documentsDownloadID
COAG 2009/1 Rev.1 Provisional Agenda and Timetable K4210E
COAG 2009/2 Livestock Policy and Institutional Change for Poverty Reduction K4291E
COAG 2009/3 Agriculture and Environmental Challenges of the Twenty-first Century: A Strategic Approach for FAO K4554E
COAG 2009/4 Engaging the Private Sector in Agricultural Development K4573E
COAG 2009/5 The Way Forward for COAG K4373E
COAG 2009/6 Elements of Strategic Framework and MTP 2010-13 of relevance to COAG K4718E
COAG 2009 INF/Series DownloadID
COAG 2009/Inf 1 Provisional Annotated Agenda K4677E
COAG 2009/Inf 2 Provisional List of Documents K4322E
COAG 2009/Inf 3 List of Members of the Committee K4798E
COAG 2009/Inf 4 List of Delegates and Observers AK186E
COAG 2009/Inf 5 Statement of competence and voting rights submitted by the European Community (EC) and its Member States (MS) K4793E
COAG 2009/Inf 6 Follow-up to Agenda 21 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) K4360E
COAG 2009/Inf 7 Seed Security for Food Security in the Light of Climate Change and Soaring Food Prices: Challenges and Opportunities K4275E
COAG 2009/Inf 8 International Standard Setting for Food Safety and Plant Health - Provision of Scientific Advice and Capacity Building for Developing Countries K4197E
COAG 2009/Inf 9 Evaluation Reports K4424E
COAG 2009/Inf 10 Public-Private Partnership for Enhancing Organic Agriculture Trade - A Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Organic Agriculture K4215E
COAG 2009/Inf 11 Elements of an FAO Rural Employment Strategy - Productive, Fair and Just Employment for Rural Development and Food Security K4195E
COAG 2009/Inf 12 One World on Health, the Role of FAO K4173E
COAG 2009/Inf 13 - C 2009/8 Programme Implementation Report 2006-2007 (PIR) K2752E
COAG 2009/Inf 14 Additional Strategic Objectives of Relevance to COAG K4809E
The ReportDownloadID
CL 136/5 Report of the 21st Session of the Committee on Agriculture
(Rome, 22-25 April 2009)

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