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Committee on Commodity Problems

Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products

Twentieth Session

Winnipeg (Canada) 17-20 June 2004

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Provisional List of documents Download ID
CCP: ME 04/1 Provisional Agenda, Agenda Notes and Timetable J1977E
CCP: ME 04/2 Impact of Import Surges: Country Case Study Results J2088E
CCP: ME 04/3 The Provision of Government Services to the Livestock Sector J2142E
CCP: ME 04/4 Follow-up to the Guidelines for International Cooperation in the Livestock and Meat Sector J2089E
CCP: ME 04/4-
Guidelines for the International Cooperation of the Livestock and Meat Sector J2141E
CCP: ME 04/5 Developments regarding the Common Fund for Commodities J2091E
CCP: ME 04/5-
A Development Strategy for Meat J2189E
CCP: ME 04/6 Report of the Sub-Group on Hides and Skins (8th Session) J1761E
CCP: ME 04/INF - Series
CCP: ME 04/INF/1 Information Note on arrangements J1578E
CCP: ME 04/INF/2 Proposed Timetable and List of Documents J2299E
CCP: ME 04/INF/3 EC Competence and Voting Rights  
CCP: ME 04/INF/4 List of Delegates and Observers  
In-Session Documents
CCP: ME 04/CRS/1 Short-term Outlook for Meat and Dairy Markets    
CCP: ME 04/CRS/2 Evaluation and Review of Symposia Discussion: Proposed Follow-up    


CCP 05/7
CCP: ME 04/7
Report of the 20th Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products Winnipeg, Canada, 17-20 June 2004


Previous Sessions (available on this website): CCC:ME/02; CCP:GR-RI-ME-OF/01; CCC:ME/98

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