CL 115/17


Hundred-and-fifteenth Session

Rome, 23 - 28 November 1998



1. Staff Regulation 301.111 provides as follows:


"The Director-General shall establish a Committee within the Organization to advise him in cases of appeal by individual staff members regarding a grievance arising out of disciplinary action or arising out of an administrative decision which staff members allege to be in conflict, either in substance or in form, with the terms of their appointment or with any pertinent Staff Regulation, Staff Rule or administrative directive. At the request of the staff member, the Director-General may render a final decision without recourse being made to the said Committee. The Committee shall consist of two members and five alternate members nominated by the Director-General, two members and five alternate members elected by the staff as a whole, and an independent Chairman appointed by the Council. The Council shall appoint two alternate Chairmen to serve when the Chairman is unavailable; if the Chairman and alternate Chairmen are unavailable, the remainder of the Committee may select an ad hoc Chairman who shall not be a staff member."


2. At its Eighty-fifth Session (1983) the Council appointed His Excellency Jay K. Atal, Ambassador of India (former Ambassador of India to Italy) as Chairman of the Appeals Committee, and His Excellency Carlos di Mottola Balestra, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to FAO, as first Alternate Chairman.


3. At its Hundred and eleventh Session (1996), the Council appointed His Excellency Juan Cassiers, Ambassador of Belgium to the Holy See, as second Alternate Chairman.


4. In February 1998, Ambassador Carlos di Mottola Balestra, first Alternate Chairman, passed away.


5. Following the completion of his assignment to the Holy See, Ambassador Juan Cassiers resigned from his duties as second Alternate Chairman in October 1998.


6. The Council is therefore requested to consider the appointment of two new Alternate Chairmen of the Appeals Committee to take effect immediately.