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Hundred and Nineteenth Session of the
Finance Committee

Rome, 3–7 September 2007

List of DocumentsDownloadID
FC 119/1 Provisional Agenda K0404E
FC 119/1 Add.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda K0455E
FC 119/2 Programme and Budgetary Transfers in the 2006-07 Biennium K0554E
FC 119/3 Financial Highlights and Status of Current Assessments and Arrears K0406E
FC 119/4 Annual Report on the Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities K0511E
FC 119/5 a Audited Accounts - FAO Credit Union 2006* K0289E
FC 119/5 b Audited Accounts - FAO Commissary 2006* K0290E
FC 119/6-Rev.1 Progress Report on Implementation of the External Auditor's Recommendations K0414E
FC 119/8 Incentive Scheme to Encourage Prompt Payment of Contributions K0497E
FC 119/9 Progress Report on Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards K0527E
FC 119/11 Report on Support Costs Expenditures and Recoveries K0561E
FC 119/12 European Commission for Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EUFMD) - Budget for 2008-09 K0378E
FC 119/13 Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA) - Budget for 2007 K0386E
FC 119/14 Budgets of the Desert Locust Commissions (2008-09) K0373E
FC 119/15 Recommendations and Decisions of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly (including Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances) K0403E
FC 119/19 a Limitation on the Term of Office of the External Auditor K0444E
FC 119/INF - SeriesDownloadID
FC 119/INF/1-Rev.1 Provisional Timetable K0453E
C 2007 - SERIESDownloadID
C 2007/3 Programme of Work and Budget 2008-09 K0332E
C 2007/3
(Web Annexes)
Programme of Work and Budget 2008-09 K0333E
CL 133- SERIESDownloadID
CL 133/6 Adoption of Russian as a Language of FAO - Funding Modalities K0441E
JM 07.2/1 Provisional Agenda K0398E
The ReportDownloadID
CL 133/2 Report of the Joint Meeting of the 98th Session of the Programme Committee and the 119th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, September 2007) K0747E
CL 133/4 Report of the 119th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 3-7 September 2007) K0776E

*Not available in electronic version

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