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FAO Regional Conference for the Near East

Beirut, Lebanon,  20-24 March 2000


List of documents Download ID
NERC/00/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda word.gif (913 bytes) X3295E
NERC/00/2 Report of FAO Activities in the Region 1998-1999, and Action Taken on the Main Recommendations of the Twenty-Fourth Regional Conference word.gif (913 bytes) X4274E
NERC/00/3 Report on the World Food Summit Follow-up word.gif (913 bytes) X4382E
NERC/00/4 Towards a Strategic Framework for the Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Near East word.gif (913 bytes) X4351E
NERC/00/5 Animal Health Forum for the Near East word.gif (913 bytes)
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NERC/00/INF/1 Information Note

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NERC/00/INF/2 Provisional Timetable   X3297E
NERC/00/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents   X3298E
NERC/00/INF/4 Statement by the Director-General word.gif (913 bytes) X4729E
NERC/00/INF/5 Progress Report on Reactivating the FAO Near East Cooperative Programme (NECP)

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NERC/00/INF/6 Review of the Progress at the WTO Multinational Trade Negotiations in Agriculture word.gif (913 bytes) X4570E
NERC/00/INF/7 Household Nutrition Security and Education

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NERC/00/INF/8 Representation of the Region on the CGIAR word.gif (913 bytes) X4213E


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