82nd Session of the Programme Committee
and Joint Meeting with
the Finance Committee

Rome, 13 - 17 September 1999

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List of documents ID Download
PC 82/1 Rev.1 Provisional Agenda X2811E WORD
PC 82/INF/1 Provisional Timetable X2695E WORD
PC 82/INF/2 List of Documents X2746E WORD
C 99/3 Programme of Work and Budget 2000-01 (Additional information) X2500E WORD
PC 82/4 Programme Evaluation in the context of the Strategic Framework and New Programme Model X2709E WORD
PC 82/5 Programme Evaluation Report 2001 - subjects to be covered X2711E WORD
CL 117/INF/11 Report of the Joint Inspection Unit for 1999 X2398E
CL 117/INF/12 United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS): Broader Engagement with United Nations system Organizations preceded by the Comments of the Director-General, of the UN Secretary-General and of the ACC (JIU/REP/98/5) X2640E  
PC 82/6 Progress Report on the Follow-up to Past Programme Committee Recommendations X2648E WORD
PC 82/7 Rev.1 Corporate Progress Report on Gender Mainstreaming X2802E WORD
JM 99/INF/3 Provisional Agenda of the Joint Meeting X2504E
C 99/12 FAO Strategic Framework 2000-2015 (Version 4.0) X2575E WORD
C 99/12 - Sup.1 FAO Strategic Framework 2000-2015 (Version 4.0) - Supplementary Information X2654E WORD
JM 99/4 Regional Dimensions to Budgeting and Implementation Reporting in FAO X2767E WORD
JM 99/5 Savings and Efficiencies in Governance: Possible Reform of the General Debate at Conference X2766E WORD


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