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Definition of Governing Bodies

The 36th Session of the FAO Conference (Rome, 17-24 November 2009) approved the following definition of Governing Bodies
(C 2009/REP, para. 142):

“The Governing Bodies of FAO are the bodies which directly, or indirectly through their parent bodies, contribute within their respective mandates, to (a) the definition of the overall policies and regulatory frameworks of the Organization; (b) the establishment of the Strategic Framework, the Medium-Term Plan and the Programme of Work and Budget and (c) exercise, or contribute to the oversight of the administration of the Organization. The Governing Bodies comprise the Conference, the Council, the Programme Committee, the Finance Committee, the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters, the Technical Committees referred to in Article V, paragraph 6 (b) of the Constitution and the Regional Conferences (i.e. for Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Near East).”