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Panel of PAAT Advisory Group Coordinators (AGA-709)

Title Panel of PAAT Advisory Group Coordinators
Code AGA-709
Legal Framework

Conference Resolution 5/97 requested the Director-General to establish this Panel to replace two Panels of Experts on Ecological, Technical and Development Aspects of the Programme for the Control of African Animal Trypanosomiasis and Related Development, which were abolished by that Resolution.

Category Cat. 3
  • To provide technical expertise and advice to the Programme Partners on all technical and scientific aspects in the fields of trypanosomiasis, tsetse control and rural development in affected areas;
  • To provide a contact group of experts and constitute a technical and scientific focal point for activities of the Programme, thus stimulating cooperation and an increased spirit of collaboration among all the partners;
  • To collect, collate and disseminate technical information on all activities performed under PAAT;
  • To review the technical and scientific aspects of the activities conducted under the Programme and provide advice to the PAAT Committee;
  • To participate, as required, in an advisory capacity in meetings of the PAAT Committee.

The Panel consists of experts from Member Nations of the Organization. All experts are appointed by the Assistant Director General, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department. View list

Number of Members 15
Languages English
Division Animal Production and Health Division (AGA)
Contact information/email

[email protected]

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