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Codex Committee on Food Additives (CJW-711)

Title Codex Committee on Food Additives
Code CJW-711
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Legal Framework
Article of Constitution

Rule XI-1 (b) of the Rules of Procedure of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure of the Commission shall apply mutatis mutandis to its subsidiary bodies. (Rule XI.11)

Category Cat. 1
  • To establish or endorse permitted maximum levels for individual food additives;
  • to prepare priority lists of food additives for risk assessment by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives;
  • to assign functional classes to individual food additives;
  • to recommend specifications of identity and purity for food additives for adoption by the Commission;
  • to consider methods of analysis for the determination of additives in food; and
  • to consider and elaborate standards or codes for related subjects such as the labelling of food additives when sold as such.

Open to all Members of the Commission

Chairperson Dr Fanyong Xiang
Languages English, French and Spanish
Document symbol CX/FA
Frequency of Sessions Normally one session per year
Contact information/email

[email protected] or [email protected]

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CODEX Alimentarius

First Session May 1964
  • Host Government: China (Netherlands until 38th Session).
  • Renamed as Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants by the 17th Session of the Commission (1987); renamed again by the 29th Session of the Commission (2006) as Codex Committee on Food Additives, due to the creation of a Committee on Contaminants in Foods (CX-735).
  • Subsidiary Body of the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission