FAO Procurement

Frequently procured Goods and Services


FAO procures a large variety of goods, works and services to support Organization’s mandate to fight world hunger.

The most frequently procured goods include:

  • Basic Chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Agricultural produce (seeds, crop, vegetable, seedlings, plantlets)
  • Special purpose machinery (agricultural machinery, tractors, spraying devices, irrigation equipment)
  • Transport equipment
  • Office and IT equipment
  • Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments (laboratory equipment)
  • Veterinary pharmaceutical products and vaccines
  • Grain mill products / starches and starch products (fish food, feed for livestock and poultry)
  • Chemical products, man-made fibres, rubber and plastics
  • Live animals and animal products
  • Fabricated metal products, machinery & equipment (small agricultural implements, hoes, picks, etc.)

Commonly procured services include:

  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Information technology
  • Transportation, storage and materials handling
  • Communications
  • Architecture, engineering, construction and other technical services
  • Trade services, business services, surveys and studies
  • Training
  • Insurance