FAO Procurement

Ethics Code of Conduct


The UN Supplier Code of Conduct is available for all Vendors that desire to do business, or who are already doing business with FAO. The Code of Conduct is enforced as part of an Organization-wide ethics framework.

FAO, in accordance with the policy of UN agencies participating in the UN Global Marketplace, strictly enforces a zero tolerance approach to unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent actions by UN Vendors. As per the FAO Vendor Sanctions policy (effective January 2014), any registered Vendor that is proven to have engaged in unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent activities will be suspended or forbidden from having business relations with FAO. For more information, please see Vendor Sanctions.

Fairness and transparency are fundamental principles for FAO procurement activities. Bidders that believe they were not treated fairly in connection with a FAO procurement action may present a Protest.

In addition, FAO has implemented a strict “No-gifts, no-hospitality” policy which is applicable to all Vendors. FAO personnel involved in the procurement process may not accept gifts or hospitality from current or potential Vendors. Vendors wishing to do business with FAO can not offer gifts or hospitality to any FAO staff member.