Urban Food Actions Platform

Limited or lack of access to sufficient and nutritious food underpins food insecurity and malnutrition. The reasons for this are many that range from food deserts to lack of income by poor urban dwellers to buy nutritious food. 

Find out how to ensure easy access to food for everyone. For instance, building forms of social protection systems - food banks, community food kitchens, social restaurants, emergency food pantries, nutrition-sensitive cash-transfer programs etc. - or supporting grassroots activities dedicated to provide vulnerable populations with access to healthy and sustainable food.

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Social and economic equity - Academic Literature
This research paper higlights: COVID-19 pandemic has made 13% of the working people jobless in Dhaka city. Fish consumption per household has been reduced significantly during the pandemic. Fish price has increased in the urban area during the pandemic. Frequency of grocery shopping has been decreased by the pandemic. Coping strategies including cut down high...
Bangladesh (Asia and the Pacific)
2021 - Shankar C., Mandala, Puja Boidyab, Md. Inja-Mamun Haquea, Anwa Hossaina, Zubair Shamsc, Abdullah-Al Mamun
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The research work upon which this policy brief is based outlines the rationales underlying food choices in lower middle class South African households that are marked by the absence of a biological father and/or a lack of material resources. What is the role of food in these households and how...
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2020 - Marie Walser, Yanga Zembe, Chelsie Yount-André
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It’s no secret that the food system has an endemic gender problem. There are significant barriers to participation in food value chains due to socially-determined identities, roles, rights and obligations of women and men, and structural inequalities embedded in the system.Most work to address gender inequalities in the food system...
Bolivia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Turkey (Global coverage)
2020 - Coll.
Social and economic equity - Articles
ONLY IN FRENCH This article presents the Carte Proximité : farm and fair launched in mid-June by the Carrefour d'alimentation du Centre-Sud de Montréal in Quebec, a fine example of social and food innovation to ensure that the territory's food self-sufficiency benefits as many people as possible.
Canada (North America)
2020 - Alex Dorval
Governance and planning, Social and economic equity, Food production and ecosystem management, Food supply and distribution - Policy Briefs
Key results from the FAO Survey “Urban Food Systems and COVID-19"
(Global coverage)
2020 - Cecilia Marocchino; Kostas Stamoulis; Jamie Morrison; Gilles Martin; Meeta Punjabi; Jia Ni;Ana Puhac; Joao Intini; Sara Granados; MariaMagdalenaHeinrich; Kayo Takenoshita; Makiko Taguchi
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