Urban Food Actions Platform

Some dietary and food recommendations are considered more sustainable and protective of human health and the environment.

The challenge lies in putting the recommendations into practice.

Discover ways and means of incorporating more sustainable and nutritious diets. For instance, reorienting school meal programmes and other institutional food services (from hospitals to elderly homes) to provide nutritious and safe food that contribute to healthy diets; developing regulatory and voluntary instruments to promote sustainable diets and address associated with poor diets and obesity involving private and public companies, using marketing, health promotion and communication programmes; developing and labelling policies/schemes; using economic incentives or disincentives.

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The FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda serves as a corporate strategy to address emerging calls from countries, responding to demands for a multi-sectorial, multi-stakeholder and multi-level approach to food insecurity and malnutrition across the rural-urban continuum. The Framework explains why FAO is in a unique position to influence...
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The menu of actions contains over 70 examples of policies and programmes that city governments have implemented to improve food security and nutrition by making healthy and nutritious food more accessible, desirable, and affordable. The resource helps meet the need for more shared learning and guidance on policies and pro­grammes...
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ONLY IN FRENCH Advocacy of Armand Béouindé, mayor of the Burkinabe capital, for African cities to engage in a fight against junk food. Faced with the observed deterioration in the nutritional and safety quality of food, the community can get involved.
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Our planet is facing important challenges in the context of climate change and population growth that question its capacity to feed people in the future. For this reason, it is key to transform or enhance food systems at global and local levels, so as to ensure the multidimensional goal of sustainability. In...
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Strategies to fight hunger and early warning systems often focus on identifying food crises rather than longer-term trends, and concentrate on rural areas. Data on the food and nutrition security situation of West Africa’s growing urban population is scarce and fragmented. Using geo-referenced information available in the Demographic and Health...
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