Urban Food Actions Platform

Some dietary and food recommendations are considered more sustainable and protective of human health and the environment.

The challenge lies in putting the recommendations into practice.

Discover ways and means of incorporating more sustainable and nutritious diets. For instance, reorienting school meal programmes and other institutional food services (from hospitals to elderly homes) to provide nutritious and safe food that contribute to healthy diets; developing regulatory and voluntary instruments to promote sustainable diets and address associated with poor diets and obesity involving private and public companies, using marketing, health promotion and communication programmes; developing and labelling policies/schemes; using economic incentives or disincentives.

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The Indonesia Food Change Lab started in 2015 as a multi-stakeholder platform to address the deadlock between proponents of safety and public order on the one hand, and access to healthy, fresh food and income-generating activities for low-income citizens on the other. Thanks to these efforts, the Indonesia Food Change...
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This website presents inspiring initiatives in the world encouraging cities transition towards sustainable food systems. These initiatives can be driven by NGOs, the private sector or local governnemts.
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The Melbourne’s food policy, launched in 2011, led to the creation of three tools: 1) the Food City guidelines for coordinated actions amongst the actors; 2) the Community Food Guide providing information about food access programmes and services; and 3) the advisory group providing guidance for the implementation of the...
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In the framework of its urban food policy, the Municipality of Tel Aviv, along with civil society groups, launched a project of nutrition improvement within scouts’ camps while promoting local recipes and products and raising awareness of the children and their parents about healthy food.
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Today SNV publishes a report that explores the malnutrition situation in the urban environment and explores interventions that can be used to address it. Urbanisation is expected to put an increased pressure on the global food systems. As the world’s cities expand, they are becoming home to an increasing number...
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