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Governance and planning - Articles
Developing urban food policies is a constant re-adjustment process. It can be an opportunity for urban food movements to become reflexive and widen the scope of their action. The local food movement should be prepared to forge new alliances, connect to a wider set of actors and organizations, and develop a...
(Global coverage)
2021 - Albane GASPARD
Food production and ecosystem management - Reports & Case Studies
Two young urban entrepreneurs present their experience in producing yoghurt from goat milk in urban context.
Kenya (Africa)
2021 -
Governance and planning - Academic Literature
Using travel time to cities of different sizes, we map populations across an urban–rural continuum to improve on the standard dichotomous representations of urban–rural interactions. We extend existing approaches by 1) building on central place theory to capture the urban hierarchy in access to services and employment opportunities provided by...
(Global coverage)
2021 - Andrea Cattaneo, Andrew Nelson, and Theresa Mc Menomy
Social and economic equity - Academic Literature
This research paper higlights: COVID-19 pandemic has made 13% of the working people jobless in Dhaka city. Fish consumption per household has been reduced significantly during the pandemic. Fish price has increased in the urban area during the pandemic. Frequency of grocery shopping has been decreased by the pandemic. Coping strategies including cut down high...
Bangladesh (Asia and the Pacific)
2021 - Shankar C., Mandala, Puja Boidyab, Md. Inja-Mamun Haquea, Anwa Hossaina, Zubair Shamsc, Abdullah-Al Mamun
Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management, Food supply and distribution - Reports & Case Studies
Across Asia, cities are contending with a wide range of food-related issues but most lack a dedicated or coherent set of food policies. For most cities in Asia, food has been a policy and governance blind spot, while national food policy has distinctly lacked an urban perspective. Arguing that food...
(Asia and the Pacific)
2021 - Acharya, Gayatri; Cassou, Emilie; Jaffee, Steven; Ludher, Elyssa Kaur