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- Local Policies
In the framework of the FAO project ‘Feeding Urbanization: Building Prosperous Small Cities and Towns’, EPRN Consult Co Ltd carried out a urban food systems analysis in Rulindo district, Rwanda. Rulindo district is one of the districts bordering the City of Kigali (CoK), located in the Northern Province with an area...
2022 -
Sustainable diets and nutrition - Reports & Case Studies
One of the most urgent public health problems in society is overweight and obesity . Given the complexity, multitude and diversity of their determinants, overweight and obesity require a systematic approach, rather than interventions focusing only on individual behaviour, and local governments have an important role in developing and fostering...
Netherlands (Europe)
2022 - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), VoedingsJungle, Netherlands Working Group on International Nutrition
Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management - Articles
In the context of rapid urbanization, poorer residents in cities across low- and middle-income countries increasingly experience food and nutrition deficiencies. The United Nations has highlighted urban agriculture (UA) as a viable solution to food insecurity, by empowering the urban poor to produce their own fresh foods and make some...
Benin (Africa)
2021 - Coll.
Sustainable diets and nutrition - Directories
Today consumers’ behaviors are not only determined by their knowledge, motivation or sensibility, but also their physical and social environment. That is the reason why a multidisciplinary study to better understand the effects of what is called the “food landscape” on food behaviors has been conducted. Specifically, the project was...
France (Europe)
2021 - Coll.
Food loss and waste - Reports & Case Studies
This video presents a FAO support for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on food waste reduction among 3 cities: Milan (Italy), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kigali (Rwanda). It highlights city-to-city cooperation benefit to buid sustainable urban food systems.
Italy, Kenya, Rwanda (Global coverage)
2021 - Coll.