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Sustainable diets and nutrition, Food production and ecosystem management, Food loss and waste - Reports & Case Studies
The World Economic Forum together with the Food Action Alliance convened the international community for an action-oriented discussion centred on leading flagship initiatives that hold the potential to realize regional and country-led actions for food systems. From global food systems thinking to local impact, the meeting focused on the global demand for healthy and nutritious food...
Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom (Europe)
2022 - Coll.
Food production and ecosystem management - Reports & Case Studies
ONLY IN FRENCH For the 2022 International Agricultural Show, CIRAD launched its « Nourrir le vivant » podcast, with a first season entitled "Food is changing the world". In six episodes, each based on a case-study in the South, you can find out the different ways in which our food systems can...
(Global coverage)
2022 - Coll.
Food loss and waste - Directories
ONLY IN FRENCH This documentation centre provides 200 technical documents on various topics related to solid waste management and the circular economy from initiatives and projects conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa:  ● Informal actors● Decentralised Cooperation and NGOs● Education and awareness-raising● Data sheet● Financing of the sector● Financing and Project Management● Training● Waste...
2022 -
- Local Policies
Within the framework of the FAO project ‘Feeding urbanization: building prosperous small cities and towns', FAO, the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR-Rwanda) and Rulindo District collaborated to set up a participatory governance mechanism for the urban food system. This document presents the process of creating the multi-stakeholder platform...
Rwanda (Africa)
2022 -
- Local Policies
In the framework of the FAO project ‘Feeding Urbanization: Building Prosperous Small Cities and Towns’, EPRN Consult Co Ltd carried out a urban food systems analysis in Rulindo district, Rwanda. Rulindo district is one of the districts bordering the City of Kigali (CoK), located in the Northern Province with an area...
2022 -