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Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management - Articles
In the context of rapid urbanization, poorer residents in cities across low- and middle-income countries increasingly experience food and nutrition deficiencies. The United Nations has highlighted urban agriculture (UA) as a viable solution to food insecurity, by empowering the urban poor to produce their own fresh foods and make some...
Benin (Africa)
2021 - Coll.
Sustainable diets and nutrition - Directories
Today consumers’ behaviors are not only determined by their knowledge, motivation or sensibility, but also their physical and social environment. That is the reason why a multidisciplinary study to better understand the effects of what is called the “food landscape” on food behaviors has been conducted. Specifically, the project was...
France (Europe)
2021 - Coll.
Food loss and waste - Reports & Case Studies
This video presents a FAO support for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on food waste reduction among 3 cities: Milan (Italy), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kigali (Rwanda). It highlights city-to-city cooperation benefit to buid sustainable urban food systems.
Italy, Kenya, Rwanda (Global coverage)
2021 - Coll.
Governance and planning - Reports & Case Studies
Outh African municipalities are facing unprecedented challeges in the face of climate-related shocks and stresses, and will face more in the future. While often overlooked, investment in nature-based solutions or nature-based infrastructure can support the reduction in carbon emissions and increase the resilience of municipalities to projected climate and environmental...
South Africa (Africa)
2021 - Coll.
Governance and planning - Guidelines
Nature-based solutions are approaches that use nature and natural processes for delivering infrastructure, services, and integrative solutions to meet the rising challenge of urban resilience. Despite the growing demand for nature-based solutions (NBS) in cities to face resilience challenges, many people who make planning, financing, and technical decisions for urban resilience...
(Global coverage)
2021 - Coll.