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Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management - Frameworks
This recorded event presents an action-oriented, High-Level conference, held on 18 September 2020, presents an integrated approach to urban and peri-urban planning aimed at: improving the quality and quantity of urban and peri-urban forest and green spaces to maximize the provision of ecosystem good and services to city dwellers; increasing the...
(Global coverage)
2020 - Coll.
Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management - Frameworks
The increasing pace of urbanization implies a growing demand for basic goods and services and local administrations are finding it more and more difficult to meet the needs for urban populations. The COVID-19 pandemic has added new challenges, worsening conditions for the most vulnerable. The main objective of the Green...
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2020 - Coll.
Sustainable diets and nutrition, Social and economic equity - Policy Briefs
The research work upon which this policy brief is based outlines the rationales underlying food choices in lower middle class South African households that are marked by the absence of a biological father and/or a lack of material resources. What is the role of food in these households and how...
South Africa (Africa)
2020 - Marie Walser, Yanga Zembe, Chelsie Yount-André
Food production and ecosystem management, Food supply and distribution - Articles
ONLY IN FRENCH This paper analyzes the main effects of lockdown related to the COVID-19 crisis on the food system of Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo.
Congo (Africa)
2020 - Junior Bitsoumanou Nkounkou, Gilles Martin
Food production and ecosystem management - Policy Briefs
The COVID-19 pandemic has put local food systems at risk of disruptions along the entire agri-food value chain. Cities and local governments are currently playing a major role in limiting the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and in mitigating disruptions to their local food systems. The role of local...
(Global coverage)
2020 - Shulang Fei, Jia Ni, Guido Santini, Makiko Taguchi, Bruno Telemans, Shane Harnett, Gilles Martin, Tamara van’t Wout, Meeta Punjabi Mehta, Kayo Takenoshita, and Kostas Stamoulis