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Governance and planning - Guidelines
The purpose of this handbook is to provide practical guidance for any city wishing to adopt and implement a monitoring framework of its urban food policy, tailored to its own context and reflecting recommendations from the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP). The guidance sets out practical steps, simple tools,...
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2021 - Carey, J., & Cook, B.
Governance and planning - Reports & Case Studies
This report presents insights and emerging lessons on food systems governance from the experience of nine cities that have developed urban food interventions – Baltimore, Belo Horizonte, Lima, Medellín, Nairobi, Quito, Seoul, Shanghai and Toronto – and draws on diverse sources of secondary information regarding the experiences of other cities...
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2021 - Tefft, J., Jonasova, M., Zhang, F., Zhang, Y.
Governance and planning - Guidelines
ONLY IN FRENCH This guide aims to support territories in the design and implementation of local food strategies. It was written by the association Let's Food, and capitalizes on several years of experience in analysing local food systems and supporting the development of territorialized food strategies, in France and around the...
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2021 - Anna Faucher and Louison Lançon
Governance and planning - Methodology and Training Materials
The UN Food Systems Summit Global Dialogue – organised by FAO and GAIN on behalf of the Urban Food Systems Working Group, the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments and the UN Food Systems Summit Secretariat – wants to bring political attention and promote significant actions and commitments towards sustainable urban food systems...
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2021 - FAO
Governance and planning - Articles
Developing urban food policies is a constant re-adjustment process. It can be an opportunity for urban food movements to become reflexive and widen the scope of their action. The local food movement should be prepared to forge new alliances, connect to a wider set of actors and organizations, and develop a...
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2021 - Albane GASPARD