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Regulating the Food Bank of Belo Horizonte

Publisher: Municipality of Belo Horizonte

In dedication to food security for Belo, Horizonte, Brazil the mayor decrees that the Municipal Food Bank will collect all extra food that is safe for consumption from farmers, commercial and industrial establishments, and other venues, to be distributed to vulnerable groups in the city. Partnerships with qualified companies and laboratories ensure safety and manage and monitor the allocation of food. This Decree adheres to Mayor Patrus Ananias’ commitment to zero hunger and food sovereignty for the citizens of Belo Horizonte. The Decree specifies the units of governmental management which will regulate the food bank. KEYWORDS: food security, food sovereignty, Regulation, right to food

Topic: Governance and planning, Social and economic equity, Food loss and waste
Organization: Municipality of Belo Horizonte
Year: 2003
Type: Regulation
City (Country): Brazil
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Resource format: Document
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