Urban Food Actions Platform

FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda

Author: Coll.
Publisher: FAO

The FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda serves as a corporate strategy to address emerging calls from countries, responding to demands for a multi-sectorial, multi-stakeholder and multi-level approach to food insecurity and malnutrition across the rural-urban continuum. The Framework explains why FAO is in a unique position to influence positively the global urban food agenda and it defines guiding principles that ensure full inclusion of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. As a result of an inclusive consultative process targeted outcomes were determined. The basis for a global action programme to achieve the outcomes is presented, with seven comprehensive areas of support (CAS). The CAS together form a 3E approach in which FAO, with partners, assists governments to: i) Enable improved policy environments through diverse laws, regulations, governance and empowerment of institutions; ii) Execute actions according to context-specific realities delivered, inter alia, shorter supply chains, inclusive public food procurement, innovative agro-food business, healthier food and green environments, and optimized supply chains and sustainable bioeconomy; iii) Expand good practices through the exchange of information and trans-local cooperation, and form a basis for an independent global forum that promotes participation of different government levels to effectively promote good practices on food governance. The Framework ends with a broad discussion of a range of potential activities to be implemented in each of the CAS.

Topic: Governance and planning, Sustainable diets and nutrition, Social and economic equity, Food production and ecosystem management, Food supply and distribution, Food loss and waste
Organization: FAO
Author: Coll.
Year: 2019
Type: Frameworks
Region: Global coverage
Resource format: Document
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