Urban Food Actions Platform

Building nourishing territories - lessons learned & tools

Author: Anna Faucher and Louison Lançon
Publisher: Let's Food


This guide aims to support territories in the design and implementation of local food strategies. It was written by the association Let's Food, and capitalizes on several years of experience in analysing local food systems and supporting the development of territorialized food strategies, in France and around the world.

This guide illustrates the multiple benefits of a territorial approach to food. It provides an overview of the current dominant food systems and proposes a paradigm shift by placing local authorities at the centre of the transformation.

This guide presents tools to initiate a reflection on the food issues of territory, identify priorities and understand the interplay of actors.

Lastly, this guide provides guidelines for building new territorial cooperation and solidarity. For although the approach is local, the objective is no less global.

Topic: Governance and planning
Tags: Awareness raising, Food system analysis, Multi-stakeholders working groups, Short chain, Urban and peri-urban agriculture
Organization: Let's Food
Author: Anna Faucher and Louison Lançon
Year: 2021
Type: Guidelines
Region: Global coverage
Resource format: Document
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