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City allotments could be as productive as conventional farms, research finds

Author: Miranda Bryant
Publisher: The Guardian

This article shows the results of a two-year pilot study carried out by the University of Sussex on city allotments in Brighton and Hove.The aforementioned study demonstrates the value of urban food production and how it could be used to reduce food deserts by growing food “closer to where people are” while also reducing food miles and transportation costs. In a world of increasing urbanisation in both the developing and developed worlds, producing food in and around cities has the potential to improve both nutritional and health outcomes, alleviate poverty and simultaneously provide habitat for wildlife and create sustainable cities.

Topic: Sustainable diets and nutrition, Food production and ecosystem management
Tags: Food security and nutrition, Short chain, Urban and peri-urban agriculture
Organization: The Guardian
Author: Miranda Bryant
Year: 2021
Type: Articles
City (Country): United Kingdom
Region: Europe
Resource format: Document
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