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Mapping of territorial markets - Methodology and guidelines for participatory data collection

Author: Coll.
Publisher: FAO

Malnutrition is a major global challenge, and improving nutrition is a key priority for global development; hence ensuring availability, physical accessibility and affordability of healthy and nutritious food at territorial level is crucial. A number of studies show that the majority of fruits and vegetables in Low-Income Countries (LICs) are still purchased through territorial markets. Territorial markets are typical of short food supply chains, which are generally characterized by the involvement of few intermediaries. They promote family farming, market inclusivity for small-scale entrepreneurs and producers, and a direct relationship between consumers and producers, as well as improved availability and accessibility for healthy and diversified diets at territorial level. Therefore, it is essential that the contribution of territorial markets – both to consumer dietary patterns and to the sustainable development of municipality and regions – is made visible through the collection of reliable data. Such data can also contribute to the design of public policies at urban level, that support and strengthen this type of market. This publication presents a structured methodology and a series of guidelines for mapping territorial markets. It can be used to develop projects and initiatives aimed at building evidence and collecting data on territorial markets and their role in local food systems. It can also be used to analyse and better understand how to foster the transition towards sustainable food systems.

Topic: Food supply and distribution
Tags: Local economy and employment, Markets, Short chain
Organization: FAO
Author: Coll.
Year: 2021
Type: Guidelines
Region: Global coverage
Resource format: Document
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