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Soil Biodiversity in the City

Author: Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative
Publisher: Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

Highly populated, developed areas, such as urban areas, have characteristics that can exacerbate detrimental effects of climate change on soil biodiversity such as, decreased albedo, sealed pavement, soil compaction, and propagation of non-native plant species. Managing urban landscapes for the maintenance of diverse microbial and faunal communities can reduce inputs, increase ecosystem services, and help meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Join moderator Loren Byrne, Roger Williams University (USA), and the panelists Katalin Szlavecz, Johns Hopkins University (USA), Jessica Davies, Lancaster University (UK), and Pedro Crous, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (The Netherlands), as they discuss their research on urban soil biodiversity and ecosystem services and how this research contributes to the knowledge needed for land use in the future.


Topic: Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management
Tags: Awareness raising, Healthy environment, Land, Resilient cities
Organization: Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative
Author: Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative
Year: 2021
Type: Reports & Case Studies
Region: Global coverage
Resource format: Video
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