Urban Food Agenda

17 Dec 2020 | MUFPP 6th Global Forum & Milan Pact Talks 2020


MUFPP  6th Global Forum & Milan Pact Talks 2020                                                                                                                17 Dec 2020 - 1 PM CET (Online Streaming)

Over the last five years, the Milan Pact, which aims at building sustainable and inclusive food systems, has already received the support of over 200 cities around the world, laying the foundations for innovative approaches.

This it is an important milestone that needs to be celebrated through Milan Pact cities own words, mottos and work to trace new paths towards the cities of the future.

The 5th edition of the Milan Pact Awards is a special one. The COVID-19 emergency has shown that cities and their food policy teams are at the front line to provide concrete solutions to citizens’ needs. In this uncertain time collaboration is crucial: the Milan Pact Talks is a powerful tool for our community of persons and knowledge to joint forces to better manage present and future challenges of our food system.

The event will be broadcast on the new MUFPP website: